Why should we start eating insects

Why should we start eating insects?

The idea of eating insects is far from western culture, but it is part of other food traditions. This industry is booming, especially in Asia, with companies offering insect powders, flours, snacks, and infusions.

The benefits of eating insects

Taking into consideration only a sustainability and health perspective, insects are better than meat.
Crickets, for example, are one of the highest protein food available.

Protein food and Consumption Natural resources

Insect protein production uses far less water, land, and energy than livestock-derived protein. For example, 1 kg of cricket protein needs 3.8 liters of water, compared to about 7 liters to produce the equivalent amount of beef.
Moreover, breeding them requires less water and space, and generates fewer emissions than traditional proteins.
So, with the growing awareness of the impact of livestock on climate change, proposals to increase insect consumption are multiplying.

The future of the food industry

In this scenario, cricket meal is strategic as a high-quality, low-cost ingredient to increase food industry productivity and the human food chain, due to the circularity of production and its incredible flexibility as part of a nutritious diet.

And you, would you be willing to try it?

Matteo Felici

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