How to conquer your anxiety

Fear is a good thing, but anxiety is not. We need to conquer it or it will hold us back. Moreover, it is self-reinforcing. No surprise if the thought of a traumatic experience brings us out in cold sweat.

Two types of fear

There are two types of a, the first being death or injury, and the second social embarrassment, which may originate from childhood experiences, when social pressure is at its strongest.

Speaking to a large audience

For many people, speaking to a large audience can be a daunting prospect. Even the sight of a microphone causes their stomach to churn, their knees to go weak, and their heart rate to soar.

A trick to overcoming fears

There’s a simple trick to overcoming fears: convince yourself that you’re excited. This is because our emotions consist of two elements: the physical symptoms and the analysis of what they mean, so we can change our interpretation.

Emotional reappraisal

Emotional reappraisal explains why so many people enjoy horror books, movies, or adrenalin emotions. The same is for people getting a buzz out of performing in public. They have trained themselves to interpret the physical symptoms as excitement. So, when fears are holding you back, turn anxieties into thrills, by repeating three simple words: “I am excited”.

Matteo Felici

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