10 Rules to Be a good leader.

10 Rules to Be a good leader

How to build and retain the best team

A positive environment boosts productivity and workforce engagement. Recent research on 2,500 people all over Europe shows that 60% of Italian employees have a good rapport with their manager. One out of five thinks that their managers are inspiring and share their philosophy and goals. Turning to colleagues, the survey revealed that 73% have a good relationship with co-workers, with 27% considering them friends.

The research shows that management and leadership have a tangible, direct influence on employee engagement. Knowing workers’ skills and desires inspires, develops, and stimulates them, leading to greater productivity and success.

But what are the rules for being a good leader?

  1. Share information . Avoiding information asymmetry, or delegating, is not a loss of power, but helps workers to perform their tasks better;
  2. Ad hoc hiring. Teamwork is important, so choosing new elements is concerned both with performance and integration into the team;
  3. Recognise merits. Employees need recognition and to feel appreciated. At the same time, public reprimands should be avoided;
  4. Respect time. Good leaders understand time value. They arrive, start, and leave on time;
  5. Be aware of the sacrifices when asking someone to give up their free time in the name of work;
  6. Empathy. As I said in “Empathy in the Workplace”, leaders should know how to understand workers’ points of view. The personal problems of individuals must be left away from the workplace, but we have to remain humans; (https://www.greenfeeling.it/2022/11/12/empathy-in-the-workplace/)
  7. 7 – The boss must always take responsibility, without placing the blame on others. The managerial role needs control over the work and responsibility for wrong choices;
  8. Give thanks. It is easy and establishes a different relationship with employees;
  9. Communicate well, there should never be any doubt about the directions given by the leader, nor ambiguity to avoid responsibility. Good communication is one of the most important aspects of the job;
  10. Creating leaders. The perfect boss inspires, trains, and grows new leaders.

Do not be afraid of competition.

Matteo Felici

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