How to avoid toxic competition and live a happier life

How to avoid toxic competition and live a happier life

Working eight hours per day, five days a week is insane. My future goal is to work less. But these past six months have been the best of my work life. This is not only because I love my job. Given up toxic competition plays a big role.

Great Expectations

As an English teacher, I talk with a lot of different people. Listening to my students, I understood they are overwhelmed by expectations from school, work, parents, and even themselves. This is common in Millennials and Gen Z, two generations that are facing a big crisis while trying to live a less stressful life. But finding a balance is not easy, and pulling down has become a culture.

Listen to your inner self

Instead of pursuing immoderate ambitions, I decided to buck the trend and maximize my and my students’ well-being. This is what I call “The ethical business”. I allow myself to slow down whenever I need, and take it easy because I am lucky enough to do the job I love. It would not be worth sacrificing my joy for a fistful of euros. At the same time, I teach my students to compete against themselves, not others, trying to be the best version of themselves.

The meaning of life

And I do believe that my goal is to be happy, not necessarily to be rich. A society where the only benchmark for success is wealth is sick and only produces hatred and envy.

When we find our balance between responsibilities, work, and affection we can enjoy the beauty that our world can offer us.

Matteo Felici

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