6 Different Approaches To Problem-Solving

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It might sound blatantly obvious, but letting your problems overwhelm you is easy. And still, they won’t go away. Let’s have a look together at six more intelligent options before crying your eyes out under the shower.

The moonwalk approach

Step back, take stock and calm down. Write your goal to help pin it down in practical terms. Then go backward, finding the best path to get the job done.

The kindergarten approach

Be curious like a child.

Ask every kind of question, maybe framing them with phrases like What if …?

Can I …? Why not …?

The lifestyle approach

Don’t mull over the problems, look at the context. Think about your lifestyle, to adjust things in order: Are you watching TV just before bed? Drinking coffee in the afternoon?

Try on a new hat approach

In 1985, Edward de Bono devised a system called Six Thinking Hats.

You approach a problem in six different ways, called “hats”, each with a different color:

  • White: facts;
  • Green: creativity;
  • Yellow: benefits;
  • Black: cautions/drawbacks;
  • Red: feelings/intuitive thinking;
  • Blue: process/communication.

This is a useful technique when you work in a group, with each colleague adopting one of the roles. When you’re alone, you can revisit a problem in your life six times.


Another useful technique for groups. Remember that all ideas should be accepted, and keeping a record of them is important.

Walk away

My favorite. When you’ve been wrestling with a problem for ages, you get so befuddled that you just go around in circles. Take a break, go for a walk and get some fresh air.

You might have a brainwave when you least expect it.

Matteo Felici

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