Where is your life going? A shortlist to start changing your life.

Have you ever felt the feeling of heading nowhere, struggling for a change? If so, try to make a life map, writing down important details about your life. This method can help you decide what you would like to do in the future. In this article, I will ask you some questions to help you understand how to achieve your goals. Spoiler, there are no shortcuts to being happy, just some small recommendations.

What’s your life like at the moment?

First, you need to clarify where you are at this moment.

What do you like about your life? What do you not like? What would you like to change? Think about your job, friends, family, education, money, and free time.

For example, you may want more leisure time if you work ten hours per day. Or, you’re still looking for your dream job (the dream job trap will be one of the following articles’ topics) or something that can make you feel gratified. For a few days, take notes on how your daily routine makes you feel. Let’s say, you’re working and your boss asks you for some extras when you just want to go home and relax. You feel disappointed, angry, or maybe happy because you feel part of something bigger than you. There are no wrong or right answers. Don’t take notes on your mobile, use a piece of paper instead. I am pretty sure you’re tired of being a modern-day zombie.

Set yourself some goals.

Once you cleared your actual position, it’s time to set yourself some goals. Do you want a better job and more money or do you want to spend more time with friends and family? Are you a creative person? Do you want to learn a new skill or try a new sport or hobby? Decide what you want and make a list of goals for each area. Remember, life is about balance. Just because you’re tired of working too much, doesn’t mean that you don’t need your daily job to feel satisfied. It is the same is if you’re searching for a job. Take your time and push yourself but remember, most of the difficult times you’ll be facing in your life will be temporary.

How are you going to achieve your goals?

Next, it’s time to decide what actions you can take to achieve them. Make a list of all the things, big or small, that you can do. That is the most difficult part. I faced this situation a few months ago. I was overworking, and doing my job without enjoying it. And if you think I used to work more than ten hours per day, you can imagine my feelings. Then, out of the blue, my company took a decision I disagreed with, and I don’t like a compromise. I moved past it, knowing that it would have been difficult for some time, but also that I was working to have a better life. And I was ready. Teaching has always been my passion, so after a master, I started this new, exciting path, but I had this idea in mind for a long time before. And things are not always that difficult. One of the best pieces of advice I received in my life was to create a healthy routine. And I am not saying that you have to workout (even if you should) or eat clean (same here). After I wake up, I do not look at my mobile for half an hour, for example. Same after dinner. Overthinking can be as stressful as overworking, and at the same time, it is useless. Live in the present, especially if you’re relaxing.

When are you going to achieve them?

That leads us to the last but not least part of our life map. Time. When will it be the right time to look for a new job or join the gym, or ask your boss for more money?

Decide on a date for each action, but be patient. Sometimes you’ve got the right idea, but the timing is wrong. Sometimes you have to go for it because waiting too much can mean losing opportunities, but not every time.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where everything has to be achieved immediately, better if we are young and productive.

Matteo Felici

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